B2B Travel Market Place

B2BTravelMarket.com is world's first B2B Travel Market Place which connects Travel agents from various countries with local DMCs / Hotels & Inbound tour operators in each country.

Benefits for Travel Agents

- Connect with DMCs - Connect with Hotel Directors - Work with Transport team directly - Connect with Attraction Sellers

Benefirts for DMCs / Hotels

- Increase your Business - Post Your speical Travel Package offers - Post your Packages - Network with Travel Agents A new transactional marketplace can pose a significant disruption to an incumbent listings marketplace for several reasons: Because there is no cost for a seller to list, a transactional marketplace has an easier time aggregating all available supply — there’s very little reason not to list if it’s free to do so. In a transactional model, the marketplace only makes money when an item sells, so transactional marketplaces tend to focus more holistically on the buyer and seller experience to drive maximum liquidity and sell-through. Transactional marketplaces partially insulate buyers from having to trust sellers. Instead of evaluating whether specific sellers should be trusted with payment, a buyer can rely on the marketplace to withhold funds until and unless there is satisfaction with the purchase. This is particularly helpful for new sellers who get instant credibility from buyers because of marketplace guarantees and, therefore, have an easier time entering the market. The incremental supply from new sellers attracts more buyers, and the flywheel of marketplace activity spins faster. There is no such marketplace, which exists in travel trade where the buyer knows the end supplier or service provider.

All OTAs are having a opaque model, the actual service provider is never known to the consumer. Whereas the consumer is always interested in buying directly form the supplier or end service provider. (Most of the consumers are now directly buying form airlines and hotel websites directly) When it comes to tour packages consumers will always be dependent on a Travel Agent for expert advise and even for this travel agent overseas tour packages and not easily available, he in turn gets it form a Wholesaler, B2B aggregator or DMC directly, buying it form a Wholesaler is a opaque module where travel agent is not aware of the who the service provider is and also getting access to wholesaler inventory requires lots of cash on table. B2B aggregators on the other hand provide ease of local payment collections and assistance on bookings but can’t remain competitive as the supply chain increases. Working with DMCs overseas is matter of trust, guarantee of service and overall the headache of remitting money outside which is a tedious job as if the amount is small the bank changes will be more than the margin he makes.

On the reverse side the DMCs also face the same problem of trusting a travel agent who is not know or is remotely located, the DMC is more than willing to provide services to the client but is always worried about the payment collections form overseas travel agents. DMCs are interested in getting more clients from overseas travel agents but cannot extend their reach beyond a limited set of travel agents they work with. Overseas marketing cost for DMCs is very high without guarantee on RoI. Smaller DMCs like Airport Transfer provider, City Tour Operator, Sightseeing Providers etc are excellent at providing services but lacks resources and marketing expertise.

A B2B Travel marketplace commands such an important role in the delivery of the product or service being purchased by the buyer that it can set pricing or pricing rules, eliminating haggling or price shopping based of service ratings. In addition, playing such a key role limits the potential for “disintermediation”, a risk that listing marketplaces face when the end customer works directly with the suppliers.